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* As the holiday season comes closer, the Apple i-Pod nano and iPod Video may well sell out and old used iPods will be up on auction sites like eBay.

* When you pick up an Apple i-Pod, you will first notice the tiny size of it. Then you will perhaps notice how extremely lightweight the iPod is.

* Most flash MP3 players max out at around 1GB of hard drive space but the average size of a flash-based Apple i-Pod unit is 4GB.

* The Apple i-Pod makes a great addition to your workout routine. The iPod is rugged and can handle the roughness of the actions caused by joggers and cyclists.

* The newer versions of the Apple i-Pod have colored screens and the navigation menu is easy to use.

* The downside of the Apple i-Pod is that it uses rechargeable batteries which cannot be replaced and it can't play WMA files that were transferred over from a computer.

* Many have speculated whether this craze for the Apple i-Pod will continue to last as new portable devices such as the PSP has an integrated video like the iPod.

* As more integration of video, music, and portable game players merge, the Apple i-Pod may see its fate like the previous portable mp3 players have.

* However, the iPod may transform into an ultimate handheld PC instead of just an ordinary music and video player. We will have to wait and see.

* The wait is on to see whether the iPod will stand the test of time and the future of the portable music player industry. For now, the Apple i-Pod is dominating the game.


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Customer Reviews:

"This new Nano is incredible. No longer do I need to carry the 100's of CD's I have in my car."
- Jason Fulkner

"The best features about my iPod Nano is that you can shuffle your playlists. It's a feature that makes your playlist fresh. This way you won't get sick of your old static playlist that you are so used to listening to."
- Chrissy Walker

"I carry this thing with me everywhere. My iPod Nano is very durable, dropped it a few times and not even a scratch on it. What else can I say. I love this thing!!"
- Marlo Fernandez

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