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* Apple first launched it's i Pod Nano on September 07, 2005, the i Pod Nano is capable of holding 1,000 songs.

* This i Pod Nano is a new version of the Apple i Pod that is thinner than any previous Apple i Pod ever released.

* The i Pod Nano only weighs in at a little over 40 grams and has the thickness of thinner than a common number 2 pencil.

* The i Pod Nano's ultra-portable design offers users with the ability to stack the portable player in their front shirt pockets hidden from sight.

* The i Pod Nano's most notable features is its weight, size, and the amazing screen color.

* The new features of the i Pod Nano includes the Click Wheel and the ability to handle 25,000 photos.

* The iTunes jukebox is totally compatible with this i Pod Nano player and the Apple ipod works seamlessly with the software. There are currently two different models of the i Pod Nano.

* One of the i Pod Nano is able to save up to 500 songs on it and has 2GB flash drive, while the other i Pod Nano model can place up to 1,000 songs in it and contains a 4 GB drive.

* The i Pod Nano has the same dock station as the original Apple i Pod and the Apple i Pod mini. The 30-pin connector enables the user to add extra accessories to his i Pod Nano.


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Customer Reviews:

"This new Nano is incredible. No longer do I need to carry the 100's of CD's I have in my car."
- Jason Fulkner

"The best features about my iPod Nano is that you can shuffle your playlists. It's a feature that makes your playlist fresh. This way you won't get sick of your old static playlist that you are so used to listening to."
- Chrissy Walker

"I carry this thing with me everywhere. My iPod Nano is very durable, dropped it a few times and not even a scratch on it. What else can I say. I love this thing!!"
- Marlo Fernandez

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