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Apples Launches the new 1 Gigabyte iPod Nano

February 09, 2006

Apple Computer Inc. just launched their new 1 GB iPod nano which makes it the most economically priced iPod nano on the market.

Their previous lowest-end iPod nano model was the 2GB version which was priced at $199. Since the arrival of the 1 GB iPod, many people are rushing to the store to purchase this beautiful piece of technology.

Many who couldn't afford it before can now enjoy the features of this tiny machine. The 1 Gigabyte iPod nano is among one of the 3 different versions of the MP3 player to be sold.

The next higher model above the 2 GB iPod nano is the 4 GB version which has the exact same features except for its 4 GB storage capacity and the $249 price tag.

Apple Lowers iPod Shuffle Price

February 09, 2006

Along with the announcement of the new 1 GB iPod nano, Apple Computers also stated that they are slashing the prices of both of their iPod shuffle models.

The new price of the 1 gigabyte is $99 which is a nice price reduction from its former cost of $129. The lower-end 512 MegaByte shuffle now costs $69, which used to cost $99. The iPod shuffle's price reduction may just be a future prediction for the finale of this model. Many analysts believe that Apple will soon phase out the iPod shuffle.

Just like the iPod Mini, the shuffle may soon be phased out in order to bring in new lines of fresher MP3 music players. This may be one of the ways how Apple can control over 70 percent of the US digital music player market. They are constantly bringing in fresher and newer MP3 music players models with upgraded features.

If you haven't yet purchased any of Apple's iPod, you should run out and get one, it will change your life. With the recent boom of podcasting, not only can you get news and information in the form of a podcast, but you can also download learning content straight to your iPod.

Studies have found that only about one third of all U.S. households have a digital MP3 player and this number continues to grow every month. It's now time to purchase one of these amazing line of MP3 players before you get left out. With the price tag of only $69 for the iPod shuffle, there's no better time to get one before Apple decides to pull it off the shelves.

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Customer Reviews:

"This new Nano is incredible. No longer do I need to carry the 100's of CD's I have in my car."
- Jason Fulkner

"The best features about my iPod Nano is that you can shuffle your playlists. It's a feature that makes your playlist fresh. This way you won't get sick of your old static playlist that you are so used to listening to."
- Chrissy Walker

"I carry this thing with me everywhere. My iPod Nano is very durable, dropped it a few times and not even a scratch on it. What else can I say. I love this thing!!"
- Marlo Fernandez

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